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Mountain Fork Brewery  (580) 494-3233                              0.5 Miles                       
Shuck Me  (580) 494-3474                                                    0.5 Miles
The Yard                                                                                 0.7 Miles
Tacohoma: (580) 579-8943                                                    1.5 Miles
Whip-Poor-Will Fudge Factory: (580) 494-6476                     1.6 Miles
The Eat Out   (580) 494-7655                                                 2.1 Miles
Blue Rooster-Fish and Chicken: (580) 494-6361                    2.2 Miles
Grateful Head-Pizza and Tap Beer: (580) 494-6030               2.2 Miles
Abendigo’s Fine Restaurant: (580) 494-6509                         2.4 Miles
Stevens Gap Restaurant: (580) 494-6350                              2.6 Miles
Beaver Bend Restaurant: (580) 494-7366                              3.6 Miles
The Hochahut (580) 494-3647                                                3.2 Miles
Hocahatown Saloon (580) 494-3300                                       3.4 Miles
Beaver Bend Restaurant: (580) 494-7366                               3.6 Miles
Hochatown  Rock Bottom Boyz BBQ: (580) 579-5811            3.6 Miles
Hochatown Swamp Booger Mercantile: (580) 494-3150         3.6 Miles
Buffalo Grill  (580) 494-3287                                                    6.2 Miles        

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Coffee Shops/Ice Cream

Okie Girls Coffee & Ice Cream: (580) 494-6545                       0.5 Miles
Hochatown Coffee Central: (580) 494-3834                             2.0 Miles
Northside (580) 494-7301                                                         3.4 Miles
Adam & Eve’s: (580) 494-6442                                                 3.6 Miles

Wineries, Breweries & Distilleries

Knotted Rope Winery                                                                 0.5 Miles
Mountain Fork Brewery (580) 494-3233                                     0.5 Miles
Hochatown Distillery/Tasting Room                                            0.5 Miles
Beavers Bend Brewery (580) 494-3455                                     1.7 Miles
Girls Gone Wine: (580) 306-WINE (9463)                                  1.8 Miles
Vioja’s Winery: (580) 494-7687                                                   2.0 Miles
FishTales Winery & Vineyards: (580) 494-6115                          6.0 Miles

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Shuttle Service

Hochatown Shuttle Service: (580) 212-7136 -


In this guide, you will find the trails for the best hiking in Broken Bow, if you are looking for a challenging day long hike or a relaxing hike for all ages. Hiking in Beavers Bend State Park is a magical experience as you are enveloped by the sights and sounds of nature. Miles of nature and hiking trails offer casual walks amongst the pines to challenging treks over steep terrain all lead to beautiful scenery. Our cabins are minutes away from all the hiking trails and are near Hochatown, OK.

Review the trail map as many trails in Beavers Bend State Park are one way and then you must double back to the trail head. You can even hike multiple trails together as some cross or intersect with each other. So, plan your trip – water, proper hiking shoes, insect repellant (depending on the season), maybe a picnic lunch and a camera to capture the beauty of Beavers Bend State Park. Please don’t forget to leave the trail as you found it. Take your trash and keep the trails clean for the next hiker.

All trails distance is measured either out and back (one way) or looped depending on the trail.

Download the Beavers Bend & Broken Bow Lake Trail Guide here.


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Friends Trail 1.5 miles / Out & Back / Moderate / Moderate Terrain

Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 48 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking, trail running, and other nature                  trips, so you'll likely encounter other people while exploring. This is a very scenic trail and takes you along the spillway, it's our families favorite trail.



David Boren Hiking Trail (DBHT): 12 Mile / Out & Back / Difficult / Varied Terrain

The David Boren Trail offers 12 miles of hiking trails of varying difficulty throughout Beavers Bend State Park. DBHT can be accessed from four different trailheads,            allowing for shorter hikes. The Trail is intended to be hiked from South to North consisting of four trails; South Park Trail, Beaver Creek Trail, Deer Crossing Trail,              and finishing at Cedar Bluff Nature Trail. If you are hiking the trail, be aware the trail does not loop to the starting point. Overall, this is one of the best hiking trails in            Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

The David Boren Trail meanders through forests of native hardwood trees and towering pines across creek beds and up to ridge tops offering breathtaking views of          Broken Bow Lake and other gorgeous vistas. You begin near Acorn Campground at the south end of Beavers Bend State Park at South Park trailhead and the trail            continues north toward Broken Bow Lake connecting with Beaver Creek Nature Trail, full of steep terrain. On past the Deer Crossing trailhead for two miles with                some climbs then that leads to Cedar Bluff Natural Trail for one mile to finish up The David Boren Trail.


South Park (DBHT): 1 mile / One Way / Easy / Minimal Terrain

South Park starts just south of Acorn & Cypress Campground. The trail is an easy hike to the Beaver Creek with some hills at the Southern end of Beavers Bend Park.

  • Beaver Creek Trail (DBHT): Mile / Out & Back / Easy / Minimal Terrain

The trail can be started by the Nature Center near the Civilian Conservation Corp monument or off of the Forest Heritage Tree Trail (by the Forest Heritage Center Museum’s Indian sculpture) which runs parallel to a portion of Beaver Creek Trail. The trail will follow Beaver Creek until it intersects with South Park Trail. The trail is marked with red on white tree blazes and is mostly flat.

  • Deer Crossing Trail (DBHT): 3.9 miles / Out & Back / Moderate / Moderate Terrain 

The trail has some decent climbs with several creek crossings. The southern trailhead is located on the north side of 259a. Deer Crossing Trail also connects Lookout Mountain Trail with Cedar Bluff Nature Trail.

  • Cedar Bluff Nature Trail (DBHT): 1 mile / Loop / Moderate / Minimal Terrain

Cedar Bluff starts across from Dogwood Campground and near the miniature golf & kayak rentals on Lower Mountain Fork River. The trail is a fairly easy walk past Mountain Fork River with about 200ft of total elevations. Those elevations will give you pretty views of the river. Follow the blue tree blazes to stay on Cedar Bluff Nature Trail. Deer Crossing & Skyline Trail also intersects which are marked with red tree blazes.

  • Pine Ridge Nature Trail: ¾ mile / Loop / Easy / Minimal Terrain

Pine Ridge Trail starts across from the tennis courts which are north of Cypress Campgrounds. The trail takes you through a lowland forest with minimal elevations. Expect wildlife, open trails, and an easy shaded walk.

  • Forest Heritage Tree Trail: 1.6 mile / Loop / Easy / Minimal Terrain

The trail starts at the Forest Heritage Center and take you along Beaver Creek, over a covered bridge and loops back to the Forest Heritage Center. This is relaxing walk with some varying elevation but easy for families and dogs. Keep an eye out for wooden signs that say “Trail”. The hiking trails are marked with white paint on the trees.

  • Lookout Mountain Trail: 1.9 miles / Loop / Moderate / Moderate Terrain

Lookout Mountain starts on the South side of 259a and has some moderate climbs amongst the pine trees & hard woods that open up to some nice vistas, but no true ‘lookout’. You should expect some rocky terrain and narrow trails at times. This trail can be a combined to create a 3 mile loop: Lookout Mountain Trail > Beavers Creek Trail, Lookout Mountain Trail and back to the Forest Heritage Center Museum.

  • Lakeview Lodge Trail: 3.5 miles / Loop / Moderate / Minimal Terrain [*not noted on Beavers Bend Trail Map due to location]

The trail starts at Lakeview Lodge on Broken Bow Lake near the children’s playground with ample parking. Lakeview Lodge Trail is comprised of three loops. The trail is meant to be followed in a clockwise direction. The trail is self-guided and half of the trail is along the edge of the lake with good views and varied terrain. Expect beautiful pine trees, beautiful views of the lake and maybe some wildlife. This trail can also be mountain biked.

  • Skyline Trail: 10 miles / One Way / Difficult / Steep Terrain

Skyline Trail is one of most difficult hiking trails in Broken Bow. Head to the Beaver Lodge Trail trailhead on 259a, north of Mountain Fork River. Skyline Trail uses Beaver Lodge Trail for ½ mile heading northwest to the Skyline Trail trailhead. Follow the red tree blazes that line the trail. Cross over the wooden bridge to a steep uphill climb, then travel down the gravel road where the trail exits to the left. Three miles in, you cross Bee Creek three times then on to a steep climb. After six miles, you come to an overlook and the intersection of Cedar Bluff Nature Trial on your left. Too make this a loop, you will have to take this trail to the trailhead on 259a and then walk north along the road for 1 ½ miles back to the trailhead parking at Beaver Lodge Trail trailhead. This is one of the best hikes in Broken Bow that show off the Lower Mountain Fork River. Expect hills, water crossings and a mostly shaded hike with views of small waterfalls on Bee Creek. put together a nice map of Skyline Trail in Beavers Bend. The trail line is not precise, but gives you an idea of the flow of the trail.

  • 3 Mile Loop #1 Idea: 3 Miles / Loop / Moderate / Moderate Terrain

From the Nature Center, go south on Beavers Creek to Lookout Mountain and back east to the Forest Heritage Center Museum.

  • 3 Mile Loop #2 Idea: 3 miles / Loop / Moderate / Moderate Terrain

From the Forest Nature Center, go south on Beavers Creek Trail then east on South Park Trail and then back up north on the park road to the Forest Nature Center.

On the Water

About Broken Bow Lake

Two hundred feet above Beaver's Bend is the  crystal-clear Broken Bow Lake, a favorite of scuba divers and bass fishermen. Broken Bow Lake is one of the most picturesque settings in Oklahoma. There are 180 miles of pine-studded shoreline, and 14,220 acres of lake. 

Three park areas located around the lake offer the public many opportunities for outdoor family fun and picnic areas, drinking water, restrooms, charcoal grills and boat launching ramps. The lake stretches 22 miles back into the Ouachita mountain country where its unusual beauty and scenic appeal beckons all nature enthusiasts. The mountain terrain is densely forested and there are many species of birds native to the area for birdwatchers to enjoy.

Get Active On The Water on Your Hochatown Vacation

Whether you are on a lake or river, it’s the water that’s the star of in Hochatown, and there’s many ways to enjoy it. 

Before you go out on the water, make sure you have a life jacket that fits correctly and there is a safety kit on the boat that has a bailer, rope and whistle. Not having these on board could get you into trouble and result in a hefty fine. Click here for latest lake levels. 

Directions to Lake Broken Bow Lake. Other nearby Oklahoma lakes & rivers include:

  1. North: Lake Wister
  2. Northeast: Lake Irons Fork (AR) 
  3. East: Lake Gillham (AR) 
  4. Southeast: Lake De Queen (AR) 
  5. South: Lower Mountain Fork River
  6. Southwest: Clear Lake 
  7. West: Lake Pine Creek & Glover River 
  8. Northwest: Lake Sardis

Canoeing and Kayaking

There is little more peaceful than paddling the Broken Bow Lake or river in the early morning mist, listening to the haunting call of a loon and the slap of a beaver’s tail. If you are lucky you may see deer at the water’s edge.

If you’ve never paddled before and are unsure of how to do it, there’s plenty of help at so do a little research before you go, and you’ll be off to a great start. If this is something that you are interested in, there are plenty of local rental companies that will be happy to get to get you out there on the water and answer your questions. 

Stand up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) offers a fun way to play on the water, with the added benefit of a full-body workout. And, since you stand at full height on your board, it gives you a unique vantage point for viewing what’s down under the water and out on the horizon. Most new paddlers want to know how to stand up and maneuver the board, so check out this video and head over to Paddlesup in Broken Bow to get started:



Beavers Bend is an angler’s dream destination. Whether you prefer to wade out into the river with a fly rod, or sit in the troller pulling out bass, the fishing in southeastern Oklahoma never disappoints. 

or the fly fishing enthusiast, the Mountain Fork River is prime territory. Stocked year-round with trout, the river also features a nearly four-mile “trophy section,” where boats and barbed hooks are not allowed.

What's bitin'?

Boat Rentals

Broken Bow Lake is a prime destination for boats — and every sport and activity that goes along with a day on the water. The lake hosts private boats of all kinds, including ski boats, house boats, sailboats, party barges, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats and jet skis.

Don’t have a boat? (Or don’t want to hassle with hauling your own?) Beavers Bend Marina has you covered, offering house boats, party barges and jet skis for rent.

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